Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Why the Slow Burn?

Amazingly, the stock market continues to inexplicably rise. Banks are somehow lead rallies at less than 80% of their previous worth. This begs the question: Where did the bailout money go? Is it being used by "institutional buyers" to prop up a system that has already failed? Nobody knows the answer to these questions. The first stimulus was lost in the shuffle. After the complete loss of confidence that occurred in the market, these rallies and their buyers are extremely suspicious. Even though Obama is seemingly angry at companies like AIG for giving bonuses, the fact remains that he encouraged them have the money. It is their business what they do with it. That's why they should have failed.

So why keep them afloat? One possible answer must be- to buy time. In the failed Keynesian monetary system, war is the only remedy. The only delay of the inevitable hyperinflation is another destructive boom of war and over-consumption to stave off the reckoning of the ramifications of a nationalized economy. Two promising prospects of war are in front of the United States. First, because of the failed prohibition of drugs and the phony market it has created, the U.S. is mobilizing to take on drug cartels that now, are outfitted with as much weaponry as some smaller countries.

But perhaps the United States' biggest enemy of peace is the loser of the Israeli elections, now appointed prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu. The United States has pledged unconditional love to the state of Israel supporting their various forms of brutality inflicted on the people of Palestine.




This time America's bankruptcy and the bankruptcy cannot be saved by another war bubble. This plan has been in the works for a long time. Ron Paul said in November, "It is our money, it is our weapons, and they are not going to do it without our approval." Obama has been dragging his feet according to many Zionist Israelis who want the U.S. to assist in crushing Israel's enemies.

Supporters of Israel rarely, if ever, denounce the state of Israel's own actions and, instead, stamp out dissent using the media to marginalize rational arguments for peace. Jewish comic, Sacha 

 Baron Cohen, in his new movie, drops his pants in a interview with Ron Paul. The intent was to make Ron Paul appear to be a homophobe. Like most people, Ron Paul quickly walked out of the room in front of Cohen's deviant behavior.


A double standard exists for Jews in the media. While anti-Semitism is closely scrutinized to the point of persecution, questioning of Jewish atrocities through the state of Israel is forbidden. Judea Pearl, father of journalist Daniel Pearl(beheaded by Al Quaeda), recently wrote an article suggesting anti-Zionism be made a hate crime.  Zionism is the Jewish movement loosely defined as the unfettered support of Jewish settlement. Zionists are equivocal to the extremists in the Muslim world who refuse cooperation and peace.  For the Zionists, the ends of a victorious Israel stands by itself as the justifications of the means. 



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