Monday, March 16, 2009

The Scrambling Puppets of the New World Order

The Congress and the Administration should be afraid of the rising dissatisfaction amongst the populace. Barack Obama will have to dig deep to verbally skirt the negative sentiment due to his lack of a viable option for recovery. If anyone can tap dance this tune it is Obama who ran on a platform resembling just enough peace to sucker the people. Soon, he will need all his powers of persuasion and deceit to convince the people not to revolt. He will only be able to claim he inherited the economic mess for a little more time. Eventually, he will have to confront the outrageous raping of the country by the international financiers or face the wrath of the people. Don't hustle me and don't try....


The President isn't the only governement official who should be concerned with the coming confrontations with the people they represent. The unkempt chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, Barney Frank, is in the news announcing his displeasure with the bonuses of AIG's officials. This is after Frank was instrumental in speeding the bailouts through Congress against the will of the people. Frank, the openly homosexual politician, may find that people could care less about his sexual orientation but they care a lot about their financial well-being.

If a populist surge grows to overwhelm public opinion in a fit of rage, many who believe they are safe, won't be. A perfect example is Robert Reich, Keynesian economist from the University of California at Berkeley. Economists like Reich and Peter Morici (The University of Maryland) have made a very nice living cheerleading for the international bankers as they debased the currency and inflated the money supply all at the expense of future American generations. The influential economists from large universities have controlled debate to not let in the ideas of sound money which are essential to economic freedom. Generation after generation of young minds have rolled through their failed curriculum learning a monetary system designed to ultimately fail while benefiting the richest all the way to the end.

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