Wednesday, February 11, 2009

People Don't Need Control; They Need More Freedom

Most Americans agree on the same needs. They want safety and security for their families, good health, and a chance to better themselves financially. Unfortunately, there are other forces; evil, controlling forces that understand this common thread, also. These forces understand that they cannot afford the populace these liberties. Outright denial of rights, the loudly-proclaimed Nazi-style fascism has run its course. American people are educated in school about the dangers of fascism and have been assured that such a thing could never happen in their country. This nationalistic pride has been encouraged and normalized on purpose through mass media to minimize dissent during this period of coup and consolidation. By capitalizing on tradgedy, globalists have hijacked our government by steering public opinion to benefit themselves. Our growing problem is, as Ron Paul called it, a "softer" kind of fascism. Corporate consolidation has taken control of individual economic liberty guaranteed in the Constitution. Liberties have dimished, mostly the result of economic policies, to stratify the country into unreconcilable sides. Government, in order to support the lifestyle they have been accustomed to, has consolidated its power through un-Constitutional measures. So, instead of government serving the people, the people exist to serve the collective.

With the lack of centralized control, more freedom is enjoyed by all people. More freedom, however, destroys centralization. The only way a person's individuality and state control are mutually exclusive is through a free economy with a sound currency. Individuals flourish in a free environment, whereas, in a state-controlled society, creativity and self-determination are scorned. Our country, through executive order and anti-Constitutional legislation has taken away the liberties promised in the Constitution.

Some people think, "Well, they are taking this away, and this will be it." They are sadly mistaken. The vice will never stop tightening. Severe taxation will only be the start of the persecution. This situation of extreme scarcity will result directly from the predjudice of divvying out of the "stimulus" money. Once the few who receive this money start to invest, the swarms will follow. These destructive market decisions will be designed to warp economic forces in such a way to allow the state to assert more control over the people.

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