Monday, November 3, 2014

Under the Table Quantitative Easing


"I think we are living through one of these historic, defining times. I think we are seeing a new world order."

-Chuck Hagel

Former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan (left) and Austan Goolsbee

And, boy, does it look terrible.  A tiny fraction of people holding the vast majority of economic assets while the vast majority of people work their ass off trying their best to provide for themselves and their families in a totally corrupt, controlled, and manipulated market.  The same elites of the economic paper money system  also have a stranglehold over the justice and legal system.  They were able, during the aftermath of the crash, to seize properties from tenants who couldn't pay their mortgage,  and unlawfully throw them out into the street, and still be able to prevent prices from falling to levels where they could be re-bought.  Instead, the financial overlords have designed a system of locking down what would be a natural order for a free market. 

Vast wastelands exist all over the land. In some urban areas, block after block for miles are uninhabited by human beings.  All that is left are abandoned houses or empty lots that have not been bought or sold in many years. 

It could be easy to pull out of this if the "Federal Reserve and Money Masters" so wished.  Like former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan explains in this next clip, "We will never not be able to pay our bill because we can always print money."  The camera pans to economist and Skull and Bones member Austan Goolsbee, whose eyes become big at the audacity of Greenspan simply relating a simple fact-  The Federal Reserve keeps the economy afloat artificially by printing money that does not exist.  Goolsbee's face seems to say. "Wow, did he just come out and say that?  The clip from Sunday, August 7, 2011......



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