Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Political Posturing in the Midst of the Currency War

"The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting."

-Sun Tzu

In the world of professional wrestling, the spectacle of head on head competition is enhanced by competitor's actions outside of the ring.  These antics, like interviews and outside-the-ring brawls, provide the back-story for matches.  These situations allow the crowd to determine heroes and villains and become emotionally involved with the wrestling match.

The storyline is scripted ahead of time and the details provided are deliberately meant to entice the viewer to watch the next match.  No one did it better than the late Macho Man Randy Savage:

Jimmy Hart and Honky Tonk Man
Like the World Wrestling Federation, all the faces of the various gang families trying to run the New World Order, are posturing for position, delivering insults, intimidating those they can, and playing their part on the world stage in order to transition to a new currency while simultaneously keeping order among the tired masses of people who would only like to be free of their tyranny.   Though the roles change often and the crowd switches their allegiances as much, for the most part the roles have been pretty clearly defined as the world teeters on much-awaited anarchy.  Today it is the Honky-Tonk Man, tomorrow it could be someone else trying to challenge.

The Face

Vladimir Putin:  Putin has been at times vilified by the corporate media in an attempt to make him a villain.  Despite this, the former KGB agent has won the respect and admiration of many in the United States because he is apparently heterosexual and has been photographed doing things men like to do; fishing shirtless and kicking ass in judo. Much like "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Putin is an anti-hero; a foreign hard-ass rebel who refuses to be controlled.  Though he appears to be at odds with others in the world, he is also OWNED by the large banks.  In wrestling, his role is know as "The Face."  The crowd likes to see him "win" at times, refuse to be bullied, and appear to "get the last word." 
Stone Cold dares somebody to fucking bring it

The Heel

Barack "Barry Soetoro" Obama-  It may be forever unknown if it was ever the intent of the powerful to make Obama's cult of personality the disastrous "heel" he has become.  The elite must have envisioned his Presidency a lot different than it has played out.  Perhaps at one time, they dreamed him to be the "Climate Savior," possessing the ability to coalesce the world into accepting carbon taxes based on the scientific lies of the priestly educational class.  Maybe they thought he was the "Gay Savior" and could make drug use, homosexuality, and general depravity chic.  It is all possible; but one thing is certain-  this last American President is the most hated heel maybe of all time.  People want to see him trip and fall as he runs down the stairs of Air Force One.  The crowd wants his many failures, which have been epic, to continue because they sense he disdains them.  It is hard to place a wrestling equivalent to Obama.  The closest would have to be Virgil, The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase's black personal assistant.  Like Virgil, Obama has bosses that tell him what to do.  

Ted Dibiase and Virgil
As the currency war rages behind the scenes on banker telephones and computers, their living representatives are in China posturing and jockeying in games of one-upsmanship.  Obama strolled on the red carpet in China chomping gum.  Putin put a shawl on the Chinese President's wife.  These moves may appear random mistakes, but they are not.  Intimidation takes many forms and no representative wants to appear weak.  


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