Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Nadir At The Peak of Empire

nadir (ney-deer)- the lowest point; point of greatest adversity or despair.

To look at the facts on the ground, it is easy to see why Americans are despondent.  Well, some in America are.  The rest are happy in their slavery, content with the pervasive immorality of foreign wars, an increasingly aggressive and persnickety police state, and extremely limited economic opportunity.  For the vast majority who are displeased with the trajectory of the world's direction, they are in a waiting game-  waiting until the parasites at the top are dis-empowered and expelled.  Even the the corporate-sycophant media has acknowledged this unhappiness with the current state of affairs.  Death and destruction appear to be right around the corner and yet the power structure will not allow reform because the upheaval will end their reign.        

"Optimism is the madness of insisting that all is well when we are miserable."   


If Americans knew the real truth it could help them not be as scared.  As of right now, the rulers have most people terrified with their authority and ruthlessness, always pointing their attention from one emergency to the next, be it real or imaginary.  And yet all aspects of "American" society, all the multilevel tiered structures complete with phony, arbitrary rules, are based on the giant lie of the paper Federal Reserve note.  Without the ability to direct large amounts of money into certain directions, their control of humanity would not be nearly as strong.  Since this ability to create money from thin air is the ultimate problem-  since the mode of currency is the object of such manipulation-  madness is easy to create.  The "country"- if one must call it that-is similar to a rudderless ship, being swept by the Federal Reserve's stormy seas; and a hair's breadth away from capsizing and totally sinking.  The helm is unattended; spinning violently every which way.

   And, so, it is scary.  Most people operate day to day under false assumptions they have been conditioned to believe.  To navigate through brainwashed souls who routinely believe every lie shouted at them by fascists is not easy.  They are the people who are forever wearing pink to "beat cancer" yet they are for marijuana prohibition.  The are the people who continue to idolize sports, media, and music darlings, yet  by doing so, find themselves as active participants in an extremely dark brand of esoteric worship; a culture of death worshippers. They support America and Israel and their wars of aggression.  The police are rarely, if ever, the subject of disdain; instead they admonish the victims of police brutality as if by being a victim of police criminality those people "must have been asking for it, anyway."  When things like the "Ice Bucket Challenge" appear as the next Internet fad, these people line up to film themselves dump water on their heads to "defeat Lou Gehrig's disease."  It would never occur to these people to fight for pure drinking water or organic food, they would much rather brainlessly be part of a silly group ritual than experience genuine reflection.         

"We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light." 


People should realize that as long as they patronize the paper money system and worship its idols, they will never, ever have enough. The slave world created by the rulers of paper money will exact a larger and larger cost from their humanity.  The feelings of fear and helplessness, deliberately engineered by manipulated economic "crunches," will continue to increase, driving the true believers hopelessly insane.  Crises of all kinds will intrude on a daily basis and dictate the terms of life.  All the made-up problems a paper money system can conjure will grow to gargantuan proportions: terrorism, pandemics, war, and police state intrusions, to name a few.  If the system is allowed to continue without interference this is the type of pain person can expect.

 It truly is "darkest before the dawn" and this is an accurate description of these dangerous times.          

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