Monday, September 8, 2014

Scottish Independence Set for Sept. 18 Vote

Statue of William Wallace; Aberdeen, Scotland 
"There is no crueler tyranny than that which is perpetuated under the shield of law in the name of justice."

-Charles de Montesquieu

On the 18th of September, Scotland will try to secede from England and regain their independence.  Queen Elizabeth has expressed her concern and is reportedly "horrified" because her Scottish subjects; her possessions; her slaves, are planning to leave her empire.   A source added to the Daily Mirror newspaper: "If there is a Yes vote that puts us into uncharted territory constitutionally. Nothing is certain and her being Queen of Scotland is not a given."    

The English have exploited and raped many countries around the globe for centuries, but none more than
Scotland.  From the earliest times, first the Romans, then the English, have raided Scotland as a way to add more revenue to their own treasuries.  In Medieval Scotland, a dispute among the nobility caused Edward I to get involved, and like royals habitually do, he proceeded to envelop Scotland into his own kingdom rather than merely act as arbiter.   

The wealthy, the nobles, the aristocrats; whichever clever adjective one wishes to call tyrannical conquerors-  their greed has no limits or bounds.  The relationships between the serfs and rulers today is no different from the Middle Ages.  The relationship between Scotland and England is largely economic-  that is, with Britain in control and Scotland subject to their will.  Great Britain exploits the oil from the North Sea.  Scottish oil accounts for 90% of "Great Britain's oil."    

Great Britain is panicked by Scotland's decision to move forward with the referendum.  They are breaking out all the stops-  offering Scotland more power for a "no" vote and even trying to scare Scotland with terrorism.  It is fun to watch them squirm and The National Pulse hopes Scotland's boycott/walking away from British authority will reverberate throughout the world.  It is abundantly clear the "leaders" are greedy, inept, sycophants and if this declaration causes hurt feelings, the gnashing of teeth, or imagined destruction, so be it.  

If the economic crisis has taught us anything, it is that those claiming to know better, don't. It is time all over the world to play outlawed tunes on outlawed pipes.  


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