Monday, January 13, 2014

NWO Polticians- Whores of the Financial Elite

"When I sell liquor, it's bootlegging.  When my patrons serve it on a silver tray on Lake Shore Drive, it's hospitality."

-Alphonse Capone  

A large part of the New World Order's psychological conditioning has been to convince people of their weakness and/or frailty.  The manipulators are masters at convincing the masses that they matter little, that there are more important people than themselves.  This acute Delphic Technique has expanded dramatically with public education and media, with vindictive public shaming occurring in the media.  Within this structure, a class of entitled nobility has developed.

The big thieves think nothing of using people as pawns for their own self-aggrandizement and power.  They live in the phony world created by fiat money and talk about imaginary problems like budgets and employment.  Believe The National Pulse, in a fiat money system, if the manipulators want it funded, the project will happen because all they have to do is magically print the money out of thin air.  The entire construct is fake and phony and built on lies.

Al Capone's soup kitchen, Chicago, 1930
So it is not surprising that some political hacks sought revenge by shutting down the traffic pinch point of the George Washington Bridge in New Jersey.  These political pukes thought nothing of totally disrupting peoples' lives as a political weapon to avenge another politician's snub.  It is not surprising that now a majority of the corporate pets in Congress are millionaires while the rest of the country languishes in poverty.  These heartless humanoids have created an absurd world where it is now illegal to feed homeless people but legal to feed pigeons.    It is not surprising that bullion banks are dumping massive paper-sell orders to hold the price of precious metals down because they have oversold contracts on metal that doesn't exist.  It is not surprising that the massive international pedophile rings were uncovered and then forgotten by the sycophantic media.

                   The people at the top of the phony ponzi scheme do not care about the welfare of people whatsoever.  At least with the mafia don in control of everything, he was human and capable of feeling.  If a person chose to play within their racket, then they were fair game.  In the New World Order, everybody stands accused of the crime of existing.  There is no appeal to be made, no Don to ask a favor from on their daughter's wedding day.
Men eating at Al Capone's soup kitchen

The behemoth of tyranny is faceless with level after level of bureaucratic fodder.  The scores of meaningless jobs attended to by brainwashed idiots may be the New World Order's most potent strength.

The soulless pimps at the political top are so despicable a real tough guy would be refreshing.  Back in 1924, in Cicero, IL, one of these political hacks, the town president at the time, started pushing some other agenda that went against Al Capone.  Capone slugged him and knocked him down the City Hall steps right in the plain view of police.  

Today's whores in public office could all use a good bitch-slap right across the chops. Maybe they wouldn't be so eager to spread their legs wide open for every corporate john with an infinite supply of fiat Federal Reserve Notes from the private criminal banking cartel.  Maybe they would start to listen to the real demands of the people instead of dropping right to their knees and fellating every multinational corporation hoping to anally penetrate the Earth and poison it forever.  Maybe they would stop acting like the bottom-feeding scumbag hookers that they are.    

Al Capone chats with Chicago Cubs catcher Gabby Hartnett before a ball game
It's all over for the little guy....

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