Monday, November 12, 2012

Universities Refuse to Accept Will of People

"Men are not governed by justice, but by law or persuasion. When they refuse to be governed by law or persuasion, they have to be governed by force or fraud, or both.”

-George Bernard Shaw

The people who were stupid enough to vote in the established order's tribute pageant, must be scratching their heads, post-election.  The will of the people, apparently, only counts when the will of the established order is supported and wins the day.  If the results turn up anti-establishment, and the vote can't be fixed, law enforcement attack dogs are called out to punish people for their insolence.

Students at the University of California-Davis
are pepper sprayed in the face, (Nov. 2011)  

To a certain extent, the people are at fault for allowing the federal government, the states, educational institutions, and cities to dictate to them the extent of their freedom.  The latest shocker comes from Washington and Colorado, two states to legalize marijuana for recreational use.  Even though the state agreed that marijuana legalization is the will of the people; because the corrupt, Satanic, federal corporate government need more criminals to fund and maintain their police state, state universities vowed to continue to outlaw the plant being smoked on campus.

"If someone thinks they are going to walk around campus smoking a joint, it's not going to happen."

-University of Washington Spokesman Norman Arkans
The Bear's Lair, U.C. Berkeley,
Sproul Hall in the background
Why not?  There are bars on or near almost all college campuses and nobody is talking about banning them.  Students die of alcohol poisoning, fight with each other, and flunk out regularly all because of drinking alcohol.  Will that stop Georgia and Florida from having the Biggest Cocktail Party in the World?  Heck no.    

Laughably, all the colleges and universities want the debt slaves to do is take out more loans to be "educated" for a career which has a 0% chance of materializing in this post-economic collapse environment.  As powerful forces continue to free humanity, the gate-keeping educational priests and priestesses want to prevent the free exchange of ideas.  Like the Climategate scandal which exposed the terrible fraud behind global warming, the educational elite will be exposed, too, for hiding behind Wall Street and the United States corporate war machine.  

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