Monday, November 5, 2012

Institutional Chaos and Bank Robberies

New York and New Jersey are getting a taste of life when the curtain is pulled back.  The phony facade hides the insecurity, the chaos hiding just "under the carpet."  It is ugly, but it is most certainly real. 
There are tons of people within the borders of the United States that have absolutely NO idea of the tightrope of danger being walked everyday.  Many people have been brainwashed to believe in the system built by paper money and it is painful for them to recognize the nefarious aims of the ruling villains.  Either they can't or they won't, and the latter is more likely.  It would mean either they have been fooled badly, have abetted the criminals, or it is so much a part of their personal fabric that it would be devastating to confront.     

The "Wild Bunch"  Butch Cassidy seated at right
Regardless, the elite are hell- bent upon forcing their one world government down the throat of the people.  If the criminal, thieving elite are allowed to proceed, it won't matter that the climate science is bogus or that no one wants an RFID-controlled society.  The elite will just impose their tyrannical measures on the cowardly, ignorant sheeple.  It won't matter if HAARP caused the storm or FEMA is a trojan horse to martial law.  It will have already happened and people will have to accept the results because of their failure to mentally prepare themselves.

But revolutions are not always linear.  Authority is eroding away by the day.  Losses of confidence are abundant within national, state, and local governments.  Violence is breaking out everyday in urban areas.

But perhaps the most exciting stories have been those concerning the steep rise in bank robberies across the country.  People of all walks of life are robbing banks these days.  Teenagers men and women, and even ex-law enforcement officials are getting in on the excitement. 

David Hurst
The most curious case is the case of David M. Hurst, a retired Dayton, Ohio fraud detective.  Why would a former policeman, who received nine commendations, including one in 2001 for solving a $21,000 theft of two local banks by an employee, start to rob banks in retirement?  

Perhaps he found out that his life as a fraud detective had been itself a fraud.  Maybe he found out the large banks merely print Monopoly money and pass it out to their privileged friends.  Maybe he realized Jon Corzine, Lloyd Blankfein, Henry Paulson, and Timmy Geither will probably never be prosecuted for the purposeful collapse of the financial markets.

Maybe David Hurst figured they deserved to be robbed.  Maybe he said, "Why not?"       

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