Monday, October 15, 2012

On Destructive Imperialism

Wind farm near Rock River, Wyoming.  Inefficient and
aesthically ugly, the latest boondoggle
 by the leading world rapists  
"In order to get power and attain it, it is necessary to love power; but love of power is not connected with goodness but with qualities that are the opposite of goodness, such as pride, cunning and cruelty."

-Leo Tolstoy   

The pundits, downtown in their flashy television studios prepare daily to lie, spread fear, and attempt to cajole the wild horse of public sentiment in concert with the views of their masters.  Dressed in their finest purple, the color of imperialism, the talking heads of the monolithic corporate media assuage scepticism, pressure dissenters, and most importantly, misdirect the public as the economic elite fleece the world. 

Don't expect the media to aggressively pursue the true injustices; they are are in cahoots with the thieves.  The media has covered up the secrets of the monetary system from the beginning and any attempt that at first appears to be populist is actually just another technique used by the manipulators to garner more influence.

Mount Rushmore-  U.S. Presidents carved into the
granite of the Black Hills- on land that was conceded to the
Indians in "perpetuity" according to the
Laramie Treaty of 1868 but then stolen back
The imperialism, the domination, the destruction-  it all has to end.  The future looks bleak unless difficult decisions are made and large injustices are reversed. 

Urban expansion and development is ruining the Earth and the elite see no point in stopping.  Any time they see an opportunity to print more money and pass it out to their friends to destroy the natural landscape and add concrete, they seize it.  All the people in the world, except the few who continue to ruin the world with impunity, have been confined to a "reservation."  Like the American Indians of the nineteenth century, ALL Americans are now being herded mostly by currency control and price manipulation.

Trump's stupid course, on what 
were the "Great Dunes of Scotland
So you really enjoy living by the sea but you can't afford the beachfront property?  Too bad you aren't an insider with the Federal Reserve like Donald Trump.  If you were, you'd be able to steal farms from people in Scotland, and open up an elitist golf course. 

Anthony Baxter, who made a film about the injustice, had this to say about Trump's surreal invasion, "It struck me as extraordinary that both of the two newspapers in Aberdeen completely ignored the environmental impacts this would have. Instead, they were raving about how this is going to be great for Scotland and bring lots of jobs — welcoming Donald Trump with open arms, as were the local politicians to a large extent."

Another example of uncompromising greed is fossil fuel magnate Bill Koch's Colorado Wild West town.  Koch's "town" will not be open to the public.  Nor will it be seen, if Koch has his way.  He is in private talks with the government over swapping them other lands for those close to his simulated Wild West town.

The American people and the rest of the people in the world understand there are different rules for different people.  This is the stage of empire in which most of the people are numb to the injustice until it directly impacts their life.  They have listened to lie after lie and watch the futures of their children be traded away in a phony game based on nepotism, privilege, and racist ideology.   


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