Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Coming To Terms With Economic Collapse Surrounded By Useful Idiots

"If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite."

-  William Blake

As North America and the rest of the World are still coming to terms with the economic collapse of 2008, numerous pitfalls await the people.  With blinders on, the masses continue to stumble along, allowing Ben Bernanke and his cabal of sadists to "muddle through" as they reach their stated goal of "dystopia."  It is more than three years since the autumn crash and dog and pony show bailout.  Some of the people whose future was pledged away have gotten angry, most have clumsily persevered, and a great majority has suffered.  Some people have unlawfully been removed from their homes, others have lost occupations held for decades, and others have continued underemployed, underpaid, and one paycheck away from real financial problems. 

Yet the system has survived.  The reasons for tyranny's continued control are many, and the methods scientifically nuanced and engineered by entities who care little about prosperity and very much about control.  Like advertising executives trying to receive a positive reception of their product, the social engineers claim they know more about you than you do.  As it pertains to the economic crisis, the tyrants know there may be chaos-  their plan is to come out on top again when order is restored.  By exploiting the thorough brainwashing of their minions and slaves, much of the work of the diabolical elite is being done for them.  Even as "conspiracy" after conspiracy comes to pass as what really happened, the sheeple continue to live the same way and expect different results.    

A lot of people all over the world know the money is worthless.  They know a maniacal cabal prints the money out of thin air, distributes it to their friends and calls them "successful." 

The profundity of this singular fact greatly affects all aspects of the world in an astounding fashion.  Economic engineers determine society's priorities through the printing of the money.  If a priority develops, like marijuana consumption or alternative energy, that is not desired by the cabal and their friends, they organize their violent enforcers to punish those who stray from the allowed priorities.  Those who fall in line are rewarded, those who don't are punished and ostracized. 

Still though, no matter how much the system's useful idiots want the phony paradigm to continue, it is over.  The collapse has occurred.  Now, it is just a matter of when the collapse's effects are fully realized.  From a legal standpoint, everything is in place.  The President can assassinate anyone he wants, and use the military to squash any populist rebellion that may rise.  The wars will continue on beyond absurdity.  Kids will keep going to school wasting their precious time and energy learning how to acquiesce in the face of authority.

All that is left for the powers to do is an event powerful enough to get the people to give themselves completely over to their masters.  An event such as this will need to be scary enough for people to accept a cashless form of currency.  Then, finally, the elite will have what they really want more than money or riches-  total control of the population.  All they have to do is do it, already.

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