Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Eventually The Dream Ends

"I suppose leadership at one time meant muscles; but today it means getting along with people."

-Mohandas Gandhi 

It is becoming clearer and clearer that mankind does not need any more leaders.  All the current leaders in the "leadership" game; the politicians, bankers, law enforcement officials, and educational elite have been proven to be fighting for a corrupt moral code.  The rule of law, which they speak so righteously of, favors those that comprise the state and their close friends in control of the monetary printing presses.  In the past, confidence in the accepted monetary ideologies- that the Federal Reserve would judiciously and intelligently print the necesssary funds for a successful economy-  provided for relative prosperity at home, while encouraging corporate interests to plunder and pillage abroad.  In every paper money ponzi scheme in history, however, eventually the "smash and grab" comes to an end.  Inflationary prices are always achieved by psychopaths with a printing press who simply cannot bear the dream's ending.  When the frantic printing starts, the phony success bestowed upon them by an illusory entitlements holds sway....for a while.

Once the boom is over, everyone starts to find out that the money is merely printed and passed out to those closest to the spigot. 

People start to find out that those in control of the power to print the legal tender will ruthlessly fight to retain control.  Punishment is not limited to only individuals bucking the system, but also to entire countries who are prevented from excercising their sovereignty when it comes to economic freedom.      


It is important to never forget that the paper money scheme that was created in 1913 by the Federal Reserve Act crashed in September of 2008.  What we have seen since then and continue to see in 2012, is the crumbling of societal norms created by paper money.  Put very simply:  the money-printers hold all the cards and therefore call the game.  They knew it would crash, which is why they performed an audit, ususally reserved for bankrupt third world nations, of the entire U.S. financial system in the summer of 2008.  

So when you hear the economy is improving, elections are not rigged and worth your while, or school is important for children to attend, know that you are being deliberately misled.  Almost all information disseminated through the mainstream media is designed purposefully as a psychological operation to prepare the people for the next stage in their slavery. 

The people accepted the bailouts that were given like a victim accepts thanks from a thief after he steals the wallet at gunpoint.  Whether it be the "Plunge Protection Team" or another faction of political criminals, every act they do retains the status quo; granfathering in a phony system constructed by arbitrary wealth delivered by a prejudiced monetary system.

The desire to keep things the way they stood at the time of the crash has not only preserved the paper money system temporarily, but prevented new wealth from coming in to take over.  The only transfers of wealth desired by the established order is from the pockets of the poor to their enormous coffers.  The situation is now a caricature of lunacy as people who speculated on housing during the boom times are being bailed out.  The bank may have hit you with foreclosure, but your new landlord, well, he was given a gift by the controller .  

The absurdity will end, it always does.  The question remains...how painful will it be? 

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