Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ghetto-ized Invasiveness, or How the Police State Learned to Love Austerity

Richard J. Daley, Mayor of Chicago,
"The police are not there to create disorder, they're there to preserve disorder."

-Mayor of Chicago, Richard J. Daley, 1968

In the last month of 2011, the disorder preserved by the armed men guarding the criminal wealthy is at its most blatant, its most decadent, and most destructive.  After the pillaging of the economy by the bankster and political criminals, it is clear that many police refuse to realize what is being done to all the people.  Police, as a whole, cannot, or refuse to see the forest from the trees.  The grunts at the local level cannot see that if maybe they understood the situation better, they would stand down until the criminals giving orders answer for their theft and ruthless control and manipulation. 

Another big box retailer out-of-business leaving a junkyard
in its wake

Peoples' failure to understand the fraud of a fiat money system is perpetuating the criminality of the few against the many.  The banksters print the money so they can print whatever they want.  Here is the way this hustle goes in the beginning:  Tell the people it will be a catastrophe if they don't agree to hand over their money or give the perpetrator what he wants.  Then steal the money.  Afterwards, tell the victims how much they should have enjoyed it.  Interestingly enough,  this sort of grooming is similar to the technique used by accused rapist Jerry Sandusky.  Like the banksters, the accused homosexual pederast Sandusky, has never accused any of the accusers of lying about their accusations, only professed how he thinks they should have reacted to his "loving" touch on national television.   

The National Pulse guesses it must hard for Americans to know how to feel about anything if a person is ignorant of monetary policy and therefore cannot see the purposeful, deliberately constructed inequity.  Would they have any intuition that Jon Corzine would remain at large in defiance of Congress after losing over $1 billion of customer funds?  Are people suprised that one-world goverment proponent Bill Clinton was collecting $50,000 per month from Jon Corzine's fund?  Corzine hasn't even interviewed with the local sheriff let alone setting a date to appear before Congress.  Are people suprised to see that commercial real estate has not fallen as it should have in the aftermath of an economic crash?  What do they think the Italians should do as private companies are requistioning their water supplies?  Will they be suprised when "American" assets are auctioned off to foreign bidders committed to the same global vision as the criminal traitors?   

Upholding the myths of "economy" has been challenging, but not impossible.  People have just started to see the terrible injustice of the foreclosure fraud and the robo-signing that helped throw people out into the street.  Still, acres and acres of abandoned industrial land sit decaying across America.  With prices and risk too artificially high for good money to come in and buy out the bad, these piles of steel and concrete junkyards will remain until the economic criminals are stopped.  And the situation is the same all over the world.  

"A functioning police state needs no police."

-William S. Burroughs

No wonder former Scotland Yard police chief Lord Stevens warned that police could face "years of disorder."  "My gut feeling is it's going to be a very difficult 18 months to three years," he said. "One of the main issues will be public order, or rather public disorder, and we will be looking at that in some detail."  Apparently, like the American police who train regularly with Israel's militarized forces, their choice will be to solve the problem as they always have-  by following order, no matter how tyrannical, ridiculous, or sadistic.

"As part of their initial training at the FBI Academy, all new special agents must visit the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum to see firsthand what can happen when law enforcement fails to protect individuals."

-from the F.B.I. Facts and Figures Internet page about working for the F.B.I. 
It is unclear why the police are abetting in the slow degeneration into civil war.  Why are they allowing themselves to be played for fools?  Can't they see that the situation is never so bad that the manipulators can't ever make a real revolution go away

Surely, any policeman, as well as any American, doesn't want their neighborhood sold off to the highest foreign bidder because of imposed austerity.  They have to live in the neighborhood with their families, too.  

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