Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Stock Market Hustle or the Making of the Angry Mob

"How should I play that one, Bert? Play it safe? That's the way you always told me to play it: safe... play the percentage. Well, here we go: fast and loose. One ball, corner pocket. Yeah, percentage players die broke, too, don't they, Bert?"

-  Paul Newman as "Fast" Eddie Felson to Bert Gordon (George C. Scott) in the 1961 film The Hustler
The crowd of onlookers watch the pool game between Eddie Felson and Minnesota Fats
From the movie The Hustler (1961) 
The stock market is a joke; a completely unfair racket constructed by paper money printers.  At this late stage, the game has almost been completely uncovered as the fraud it is. The stock market, as it is seen by the public on the Internet, television, and in the newspapers, is merely a computer program reacting to the high priests' decision to twist the vice.  The numbers accelerate and decelerate in a totally imaginary sphere and the so-called market reactions are the creations of fiction writers employed by the corporate media.  Insider trading is the norm, not the exception.  The tiered regulations are only used to persecute those in the gang that betray their role in the fraud.  Once a person understands the depths of the scam, a person can be severely angry and harbor an unquenchable thirst for retaliation in blood and treasure.          

"It's a racket.  Those guys on the stock market are crooked."

-Al Capone on why he'd bet the ponies but refused to invest a dime on Wall Street 

Anger and despair are common reactions to the rampant fraud, lying, and theft of freedom and prosperity.  However, anger and despair that results in violence will play directly into the hands of the oppressors.  They know they stole the money and are attacking countries at will that refuse their destructive economic yoke.  They are yearning for a violent reaction, something they can counteract, and seize the "moral" high ground in ridiculously shameful fashion with a vast propaganda operation.  They know it is a war against ideas.

Though the "Occupy" movement grasped the powerful possibility of the non-violent approach, because the upper echelons of the movement were co-opted, they missed a lot of crucial, common-sense, and strategic chances to really change the system. 

What humanity needs is a deeper love, a stronger understanding of human life and need, and the resolve to break from the most sinister and oppressive captors the world has ever known.  Since retaliatory measures can only be taken on their playing field, this is a distinct disadvantage as the rules operate under the auspices of their maritime ship and punishment is applied by their robed administrators.   

"Occupy" failed when they did not call for a general strike and instead tried to physically "shut down Wall Street."  This failed miserably because still, it seems, most poor slobs that schlep to work every day working at nothing, cannot understand that the game is not real.  Many still think that if they really believe it to be true, the problems will go away, and their meaningless cubicle existence will be preserved.   Mindless serfs have this delusion that if their blinders are restrictive enough, the inflated number they have in the Federal Reserve's ideasphere will protect them from the myriad of debt and health problems the established order wishes to perpetuate for a profit.  The debt slaves cannot see that they have the power to shut the cogs of the machine down.  They cannot see how their participation is helping the elite to enslave everyone.     

"See that big car parked out by the fireplug on the way in? Well, that's mine. I like that car.  But I get a new one every year because I make it my business to know what guys like you and Minnesota Fats are gonna do. I made enough off of you the other night to pay for it twice over."

-Bert Gordon (George C. Scott) to Eddie Felson (Paul Newman, from The Hustler (1961)  

The Suppression  of Talent

Fast Eddie and partner Charlie arrive at Ames
Pool Hall, the "church of the good hustler." 
Because "money" in the world today is printed at behest of the powerful and their friends, today's era is unequalled in the systematic discouragement of human talent.  The natural distribution cannot occur, because in order for the powerful to continue printing, they must oppress and prevent any talented opposition from challenging.  Instead, today's world has produced a mass of indoctrinated losers that scrape along, throughout their lives fighting each other with the prejudices and jealousies ingrained in them by a phony life construct, with phony rules, based on fear and murder. 

The established order is prepared for a certain type of fight.  They like the fights they can predict and direct.  The War on Terror has been a useful tool for the elite to  applythe constant pressure necessary to hold onto control of human consciousness as the paper money scam falls apart.  The talentless and parasitical are feverishly working in Washington, D.C. to tighten the nets of tyranny.  These traitors continue to make rule after rules, confining the people in preparation of the inevitable-  loss of control due to engineered collapse.

As frustrating as these developments are, what the antagonists desire is a reaction, any reaction, to distort into a new reality.  The stage is set, all they need are the expected actions from some especially frustrated players.  Indeed there will be some to jump at the bait just like the misdirected anger at some "Occupy" protests.  Taking over a city park and being a nuisance to the established order's costumed henchmen is a waste of time.  Humanity definitely doesn't need any more bloodshed in a fight with the scared bullies of the world.  Besides, they'll have to take the fight to the people soon, anyhow.   

Humanity needs love, not in the way the so-called philanthropists like Bill and Melinda Gates "love" humanity, but real love.  Love of prosperity and the realization that the system will never allow true prosperity to occur.  Humanity needs a resurgence in love for the land that will confess that suburban development, pouring endless concrete, and construction of McMansions is foolhardy.  A love for the simple and the family is needed, not promotion of "diversity" and war. 

Eventually, if the destroyers of the world do not have their way, talent and love will win the day.  Human beings will be able to live their lives in mutual admiration and cooperation, unencumbered by a ever-present loan shark, always wanting to shake their pockets for money and tribute.       

Fast Eddie:  "Fat shoot a great game of pool."

Minnesotas Fats:  "So do you, Fast Eddie."

-final scene from The Hustler (1961)

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