Monday, November 21, 2011

The Rhodes Scholarship Class: A Brave New Idiot

This week, 32 new Rhodes Scholars were chosen from the United States pool of 830 candidates to study at the United Kingdom's Oxford University.  If we are to believe the corporate press and the high priests in education, finance and politics, this is a prestigious honor.  The scholarship is named for Cecil Rhodes- the British racist, imperialist, and Mason.  Rhodes is often credited with founding of "The Round Table;" the shadowy groups, like the Council on Foreign Relations, that engage in international racketeering and genocide.  These groups are influential in U.S. politics today, providing the lies that send men into pre-emptive wars to torture innocent people.  Still, many believe that being chosen to be educated and initiated into the minion class of racist eugenic groups is an indicator of success.  Click here to read a copy of Rhodes' will entitled "Confession of Faith."  Rhodes isn't the least bit shy of stating his goal of subjugating the peoples of the world under the British thumb.   

"We must find new lands from which we can easily obtain raw materials and at the same time exploit the cheap slave labor that is available from the natives of the colonies. The colonies would also provide a dumping ground for the surplus goods produced in our factories."

-Cecil Rhodes, British Imperialist (1853-1902)

 In 2011, it has become obvious that the world is a giant plantation of human slaves that exist as chattel to be profited from by the wealthy few at the top of the pyramid.  It stands to reason that the established order needs new, fresh, useful idiots to perpetuate their diabolical plans for unending oppression.  Brainwashed and bathed in elite glory, these minions will be willing successors to elite masters like William Jefferson Clinton (Rhodes Scholar).  These lackeys will provide the legal and moral framework through which costumed henchmen will be able to swing their batons at dissidents, no matter how peaceful they are.  They will sit atop the educational hierarchy and protect pedophiles that pimp out disadvantaged youth to wealthy donors.  Most of all, these candidates will study the art of political gangsterism as they think up ways to decribe the reality of the falsely created paradigm of human enslavement.     

These globalist greenhorn bootlicks are chosen very carefully from a select few sycophant parents.  These hard liners might say they support the rising populism in order to sell movies or books to the ignorant, unaware masses, but they understand their existence is only allowed to happen through the oppression structure built by those with racist, eugenic ideologies.  Woody Allen's son, Ronan Farrow was chosen after having worked for UNICEF and for former war-making globalist Richard Holbrooke.  It didn't hurt that his father Woody was quoted yearning for Obama to become dictator.  Getting to Oxford is more about blind loyalty than good scores on the standardized tests that are given to all the indoctrinated slaves.   

 "At some point, I really like the idea of taking a leadership role at the World Health Organization." 

- Cory Rodgers, 22, of Somerset, PA who plans to study medical anthropology at Oxford     

We, at The National Pulse, hope you get that position, Cory, just so we will know who to laugh at when the WHO tries to enforce Codex Alimentarius and the criminalization of nutrients.  The WHO is the leader in promoting water fluoridation around the world, which has been know to destroy teeth and lower the intelligence quotient of humans.  The people at the WHO believe nutrients are toxins.  The whole WHO organization is meant to subvert healthy living, purposefully weakening humanity.  Those who might otherwise rise above tyranny with common sense living and outstanding health are quickly eliminated by shit food and drugs from the large pharmeceutical companies.  The global organization of the United Nations imposes its eugenic values on the world, using chemicals on industrial farms and genetically modified seeds to profit from the persecution of people.  Cory, really, do you believe hay is a pollutant or did you go to college and get dumb?  

From economics to science to politics to education, these imperialists form the backbone of the rule-makers and enforcers of the world.  These 32 future imbeciles will learn the art of intellectual fellatio and be able to nod 'yes' when their masters tell them the sky is purple and the sun green.  Being a Rhodes Scholar is not about knowledge and helping humanity.  Rhodes scholarship is all about the suppression of information and the raping of the world and its population for the benefit of an elite few.       

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