Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Paper Money and Mammon

“Money is everything besides health. Money is next to that. A lot of people say, ‘Oh, love.’ They don’t know what love means. I guarantee you, if you raise a girl where I grew up and you’ve got no money and she loves you, but you put the same girl with a guy who’s got a lot of money, I’ll bet she’ll love the guy with money. That’s the way it is. I love you, but I’m hungry."

-Ozzie Guillen, Baseball Manager on why he left the White Sox for the Florida Marlins 

What a sad state of affairs has befallen the land.  The Federal Reserve has tricked the entire world into believing in an apparition, a lie; an illusion.  People cannot help but think the current paradigm set up by the moneyed elite is the only way to prosperity.  How unfortunate for them since the rug of debt wealth will soon be pulled out from underneath everybody!

People have constructed their world view around paper money.  For many, success is defined by the number of toys one has or the size of their bank account.  Believe The National Pulse- were that wealthy person to try and buck the modern feudal slave system, it would all be taken away by their feudal masters.    

"Apres moi, le deluge." ("After me, the deluge.")

-French adage

Mammon- the hellish prince of greed

But no one seems to care even if their children are destined to a life of humiliating slavery.  For some, as long  as they can eat crap food, watch sports, and retire comfortably, they could care less about the good of anybody else.  Many Americans, living in their cocoon of television, haven't the slightest clue of America's precarious precipice teetering.  They look down on the homeless and poverty-stricken as if those people did something to deserve their unlucky fate.  When a few outlandish cases of homeless people stealing or acting violent towards others occurs, the corporate press jumps on the opportunity to further solidify the image of laziness in the minds of people still in the paper money matrix.  And shockingly, it is for these reasons many people will stalwartly stand in the way of real revolution as they receive a pat on the head from their masters.

This attitude must be why CNBC idiot, Jim Cramer called the "private prison business," "a fantastic business to be in."  Cramer explains that private prisons are "recession proof."  Even though Cramer worships Mammon and is morally defunct, he is right about prisons being recession proof.  And it is not hard to find out why considering all the lawless behavior by the U.S. Military and NATO, the failed drug war, and a justice system that consistently sides with the prosecution in its destruction of human freedom.  Arrests, apparently, can only be made of "higher ranking" officials to those they deem "lower."  Outside of the framework of their pseudo-military caste system, the "lower ranks" include all the debt slaves forced to live encumbered by debt applied to them  criminally by higher-ups. 
When will attitudes change?  How long will the persecution of the world last?

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