Thursday, July 28, 2011

Empires Fissure Because of Rebel Economies

In ancient Rome, much like the U.S. and their relationship to the world today, imperialistic generals and politicians butchered and robbed their way across much of Europe. As the Roman armies pillaged and plundered, the people living in Rome, became brainwashed in ideas of their own grandeur. Their appetites grew increasingly decadent. According to Will Durant in Caesar and Christ, "Misgovernment had reached a height. and democracy a depth, rare in the history of states." Durant goes on to explain how the Roman general/politician Titus Didius lured a whole group of trouble making natives with the promise of distributing land. When the Spaniards entered the camp, Didius and his soldiers slaughtered them along with their wives and children. According to Roman historian Appian, on Didius' return to Rome, he was celebrated as a conquering hero.

"Legislation came to be determined by the fluctuating superiority of rival gangs; those who voted the wrong way were, now and then, beaten to within an inch of their lives, after which their houses were set afire" (Durant, Caesar and Christ).

Why did Didius slaughter the Spanish natives?

Empires have no answer for civil disobedience and non compliance but violence.

The National Pulse congratulates Hungary for standing up to the gigantic chemical company Monsanto by destroying all genetically modified corn.

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