Monday, April 18, 2011

Holy Week and the Failing Control of the Federal Reserve Money Lenders

(12)"On the next day much people that were come to the feast, when they heard Jesus was coming to Jerusalem, (13) Took branches of palm trees, and went forth to meet Him, and cried, 'Hosanna, blessed is the King of Israel who cometh in the Name of the Lord.'"

- Book of John Chap. 12: 12-13

As Christians around the world celebrate Holy Week, it is important to remember what Jesus did almost immediately after his triumphant entry into Jerusalem. Jesus proceeded directly to the Temple where the "money lenders" were conducting business and selling things.

"And He said to them, "It is written, 'My house shall be called a 'House of Prayer,' but you are making it a robber's den."

-Book of Matthew Chap. 21: 12-13

Rarely in the Gospel, do readers ever witness Jesus reacting violently, and verbally thrashing a visible sinner. In fact, most of the stories are about extreme compassion, most parables about blind, unconditional love. This time, however, Jesus over-turns tables, whips the sellers, and shouts at the people whose priorities are so firmly out of whack, they cannot be taught; because they are not ready to receive the message. They can only be yelled at and kicked out.

Such is the case with the out of control Federal Reserve Banking System and their global colleagues all over the world. The masters of the world cannot be encouraged to reform themselves or find a better way through democratic elections. The entire governmental machinery is rotten to the core and must be abolished or rendered irrelevant by the people. The money masters are no longer worthy of any type of faith. They cannot be trusted. They only use monetary policy as a tool through which they can oppress freedom and profit from the destruction of war and disease. Though Lloyd Blankfein would attest to be doing "God's work," in reality, their form of fiat money and central banking is the direct antithesis to God's idea for free humanity.

Much like in the time of Christ, the many levels of governing bodies help shroud the fact of who exactly is profiting the most from the tyrannical rule of people. The Romans had an interest in keeping the the Sadducees in power- any threat to them could mushroom into an all-out revolt against all things Roman- especially taxes. If it made sense to Jewish rulers that they execute an innocent man, the Romans were going to give them what they wanted in exchange for what they really wanted- taxes.

In today's society, the linchpin that is keeping the whole paradigm together is the dollar's viability. When that goes, and its value is diminished more and more everyday against real things, all the usurious ways of the past will be negated, and identified in the scrapbooks of history as something to be deathly afraid of... as the bubonic plague in the Middle Ages. It is no wonder U.S. states have been considering a move back to the gold standard. It makes sense.

The gold standard makes sense as does rejecting the political and legal superstructure that makes it possible for a small group of men to treat the majority of men as subject/slaves in their economic boondoggles.

When people consider the lack of freedom in world monetary policy, the reasons NATO went to war with Libya are easy to see. Obama and Sarkozy need not write a joint editorial. The reason is not to protect civilians. If it was, NATO's Air Force wouldn't be dropping Uranium all over the civilians. It is about control. At right: [Jesus (Jim Caraveziel) has a crown of thorns put on his head by mocking Roman soldiers... from the movieThe Passion of the Christ]

This Holy Week, it is important to remember the stark contrast of Jesus' entry into Jerusalem, and His crucifixtion five days later. Very little has changed since Jesus' time when it comes to issues of monetary policy and tyrannical control. Once this crucial aspect of life is challenged by people who wish to be unencumbered by the destructive debts of the war machine, the masters of money turn decidedly violent. They'll arrest democratically elected governors at their home early in the morning, murder entire governments, illegally invade sovereign countries, and assassinate leaders ruthlessly. Such has been the infallible power of the money printers throughout history.

Still, the question remains, will they continue to be able to react ruthlessly when the dollar loses all value?

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