Friday, February 25, 2011

U.S. Declares War on Libya? C'mon, Time To Come Home, Enough

The U.S. has decided to move forward with economic sanctions against Libya. As Ron Paul points out, sanctions are an act of war. This declaration adds to the amount of countries with whom the United States is engaged in confrontation.

The U.S. is engaged in perpetual war with too many nations to count- Iraq and Afghanistan (hot wars), Iran, North Korea, Cuba, and now Libya. None of the military campaigns have been successful. Since
all of the campaigns of war have been based on lies and the warfare state has drove the people who live inside the United States into economic despair, none have been successful. Only a fool believes raining Hellfire missiles on human beings in a far away land has protected the homeland from "terrorism."

Today the
U.S. withdrew from the Pech Valley in Afghanistan, a location once considered vital to the war effort. The National Pulse can only hope this move will reflect future policy of retreat and a remobilization homeward, since soldiers are unclear about the mission and Afghan civilians are murdered nightly in their homes. But this new move against Libya suggests otherwise. The U.S. strategy is, to be sure, to lose. Lose at all costs. Lose everything- foreign war abroad, hearts, minds, freedom and prosperity at home, everything. It is well past time for a change of strategy.

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