Thursday, February 3, 2011

"Every dictator is an enemy, an opponent of law."

-Demosthenes, (Ancient Greek Orator 384-322)
On Wednesnesday in Cairo, pro-Mubarak forces stormed into Tahrir Square on horseback and camelback. The thugs, who were merely the regrouped police force that got dominated last week, attacked the peaceful protesters with sticks, rocks, whips, and molotov cocktails. Having been thoroughly embarassed as crowds marched through their lines last week, the police, redressed in jeans and hoodies, came back Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves-style.
In some of the most dramatic video ever recorded, here come the pro-Mubarak statists fighting for their very lives. Like Custer riding to sound of the guns at the Little Bighoern River, riders are pulled from their horses and camels and beaten bloody.

The National Pulse wonders if the pro-government Mubarak supporters realize that if the government was operational they would have to buy a permit for the horses, camels, and whips in Tahrir Square, or run the risk of being ticketed. Unless of course you know the official in the government who specializes in the equestrian rules of Tahrir Square, in that case a rider wouldn't have to pay. Government- the perfection is in its fairness.

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