Thursday, February 17, 2011

Egypt, Lies, Water Wars, SDR's, Criminals Stay in Power

"'Everything's fucked up and nobody goes to jail,'... That's your whole story right there. Hell, you don't even have to write the rest of it. Just write that."

- former federal investigator to Rolling Stone Columnist Matt Taibbi (from Taibbi's latest article, "Why Isn't Wall Street in Jail?"

And so it goes on day after day. News that would otherwise be game-changing just adds to the amazement. Curveball lied, huh? That means the war in Iraq was definitely illegal and a complete waste of human life. Mubarak and Ben Ali ran away from their countries with tons of money and no one will turn them in, huh? They both are deathly ill now, too, huh? Borders Books ran every Mom and Pop bookstore out of business and now they are out of business, huh? Maybe some people view these occurrences as coincidence. You wouldn't if you knew how economic terrorists with a printing press operate.

The suspicions that a many had in the beginning are one by one becoming then reality. No one is ever punished, aside from unfortunate collaborators. Most importantly, no one in positions of power, which are necessary to perpetuate the original problem, are ever removed from those positions of power. They are allowed to continue printing money, seizing land and water rights, and bullying the entire world to achieve total, unquestioned control.

"Gold is the money of kings, silver is the money of gentlemen, barter is the money of peasants, debt is the money of slaves..."

-Norm Franz (Author, from his book, Money and Wealth of the New Millennium)

In the quest for a New World Order, the dollar has been an integral component to bring various foreign nationalist forces to the bargaining table. Whether it be military aid to suppress freedom abroad, or the creation of false wealth to co-opt an industry, the power to print the Federal Reserve debt notes known as the "dollar" has been vital to building consensus (infiltration) among enough indigenous officials to eventually erase the boundaries represented by those officials.

Throughout history, there have always been rulers who were susceptible to greed. Hosni and Gamal Mubarak were slaves to the U.S. dollar, grabbing as much as they could for themselves why the Egyptian people were forced to wait in bread lines. They were given $1.5 billion on a yearly basis, not to mention the profits they were able to accrue by attracting foreign corporations using cheap Egyptian labor. In the end, their greed blinded them completely and they disassociated themselves so much from the people they were supposed to keep in line, that the level of absurdity overflowed, infecting almost the entire population to revolution. The quickly changing inverse relationship between the costs of actual production and transport and the rapidly expanding currency caught many by surprise. Even the corrupt U.S. government, the lead economic terrorist of the world was surprised at the timing and unity of the pissed off Egyptian people.

In addition to global corporate secret deals, the IMF and World Bank vultures made loans to Egyptians using the police as muscle, in a state-run loan sharking operation. In Egypt, when a person cannot pay back the loan, the police are sent to use that person's body as collateral. An estimated 40 of Egypt's 85 billion people earn less than $2.00 a day. Like the U.S, as wages have stagnated in the economic meltdown, inflation, especially on food has risen dramatically. In Egypt, for instance, tomatoes have tripled in prices. And of course, the bribes to officials and police doubled (food inflation rises, so do culture-specific bribes). This created a nasty atmosphere of persecution that ended with vanishing of uniformed police officers and the burning of police stations.

New information has come to light possibly proving the situation in Egypt had been untenable not only for Egyptians but for the New World Order financial tyrants. Could it be that Egyptian officials like Hosni Mubarak and his entire political staff were purposely forced out? WikiLeaks has posted information about serious disagreements about water and the use thereof. It appears quite possible that the New World Order chieftains ordered Mubarak's ouster to further enhance their global control of resources like water and farmland. The Nubian Sandstone Aquifer has the potential to transform the desert region into an agricultural Eden. The leaked cables reveal the failure of the Nile Basin Initiative and pinpoint Egypt, being downstream, as a major obstacle in progress. The World Bank was pushing their agenda and it was obvious to diplomats that consensus (goal of the World Bank) would not be reached.

These water problems combined with the collapsing dollar provided the U.S. with the opportunity to destabilize the country and hold a gun to the head of the world to accept the new currency, SDR's (Special Drawing Rights). This "money" is also paper but is a basket of currencies, and is the currency of choice for the Suez Canal. As the globalist bankers attempt to engineer the dollar's crash, control of a large trade route that already uses the currency they hope to transition to is a must.

If the global forces orchestrated the Egyptian protests, it takes nothing away from the people who bled and died and the people who continue to protest today. If all were back to normal, the stock market and the banks would be open. They are not because they are scared. The economic terrorists are not scared of retribution or consequences as much as they are scared of irrelevancy and loss of control.

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