Friday, January 7, 2011

The Treason of Investing in the Wall Street Casino

"Just because you don't take an interest in politics, doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you."

-Pericles (Ancient Greek General, 495 B.C.-429 B.C.)

Yesterday, the globalist rag, The New York Times ran an article about investing in "natural" disasters. The article, entitled "Looking to Diversify, Investors Bet on Disaster Bonds," explains, "This is how the typical deal works: An insurer will issue a bond whose returns are tied to the likelihood of one or more natural disasters over a certain period of time, say a major hurricane's hitting Florida in the nest three years. If the event does not happen, investors can earn a yield on the bond, from 2 to 14 percent. But the principal can be wiped out if a devastating storm does strike." Can't you just see CNBC lackey Jim Cramer, sleeves rolled up, shouting the words delivered to him directly from Satan's mouth, "Plenty of mad money to be made in these, boo-yah!"

Is it so horrible to hedge against disaster for other investments that may be affected by a tragedy?

Not if you have no moral compass or problem with persecuting your fellow man for temporary gains that will eventually result in your own enslavement.

"For greed, all nature is insufficient."

-Seneca (Roman Philosopher, mid-1st Century)

Faith in the reserve currency of the world, the dollar, is almost entirely gone. This means that U.S. Treasuries are, each time they are auctioned off, tanking. Each time foreign governments or investors with "good" money are refusing to buy the debt of a mortgaged-to-the-hilt country, inflation takes off in an array of areas, from food to rare earth currencies to energy resources. In the U.S., the full faith in credit of the federal state, and local governments, in most instances, has been lost. Investors, especially the fat cats who hang around the White House and Pentagon, see this and realize they need another jalopy to sell all the suckers while they rake the cream off the top because of their inside knowledge.

Just like the put options (the bet that makes money when a stock goes down) bought before the attacks of 9/11 or the London train bombing of 7/7, investors who invest in disaster are betting on the destroyers of men. Of course, in every case, the most evil at the top of the rat-fuck chain makes the most money while human beings suffer horrendous deaths.

Betting on disaster may be the only play for the criminal elite. Most people have no idea about
Nicolai Tesla's electromagnetic technology, the HAARP facility in Alaska, or the worldwide covert chemtrailing program. Even as birds, fish, and other animals are mysteriously dying from "blunt trauma," nobody in the mainstream press is asking questions about electro-magnetic pulse technology.

How hard is it to bet that you will kill somebody and then kill them? Not hard if you have a giant tuning fork near the magnetic north pole that can manipulate the earth's faults able to pinpoint a man-made form of environmental chaos.

"The real destroyer of the liberties of the people is he who spreads among them bounties, donations, and benefits."

-Plutarch (Ancient Greek Author, 46-119)

It is important for a person to set himself against the mindset which accepts this kind of destructive wagering. For even if investing in the persecution were profitable for a while, those monetary gains will lead even the profiteer into the hands of the New World Order's police state. They will have invested in their own imprisonment.

This has gone on considerably in the last few years- people investing in the most destructive stocks. Animals are dying all over the world, the sun is constantly blocked by chemtrail spraying that contains metals, and droughts and floods are constantly ravaging the world. This make it extra curious to see the kinds of stocks that are rising. Curiously, Monsanto and Dupont, both chemical companies which specialize in trying to manipulate life for profit, have risen as the world is assaulted by covert programs. It would be interesting if it weren't so diabolical.

It is easy to forecast growth when the whole world is being chemtrailed and Monsanto has developed a aluminum resistant seed.

Dupont may make profits if droughts, caused by HAARP's weather machine destroy real crops and people are forced to use Dupont's "Frankenseed" that is resistant to drought.

Wall Street will never stop being the destructive jagoffs they are. Fuck face investors will continue to get rich on war and bet on mankind's lowest common denominator. Most people, however, are not morally-defunct assholes. If they would only open their eyes they would see the source of their pain is the things they do not know and take for granted.

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