Monday, January 31, 2011

Egypt and the Struggle Against Cowardly Tyrants

Photo: Obama shot puts the first pitch like a girl at an American baseball game

"See how the United States, after they use such-and-such a President for years, as soon as he hits a crisis, they abandon him. That's how the devil pays."

As the sun rose on Tahrir (Liberation) Square in Egypt on Monday morning, Egypt remained in the clutches of tyrants. But who? The revolutionaries beat back the police all week. They dramatically drove the police back on the Qasr al-Nil Bridge and eventually busted through the police lines after darkness fell. The police, beaten, bloodied, and scared, vanished into street clothes. The army was sent in with tanks and there was much jubilation. Revolution over- people win, right?


The government of Egypt is the puppet of the U.S., which is the puppet of Israel. Sunday's rallies were bothered by F16 doing loop-de-loops over the square in an effort to intimidate the protesters to go home. Trying to disperse the crowd in this manner spoke louder about the panic and pettiness of the desposed NWO leaders than firing live rounds into the mass of humanity. As if some airplance and helicopters would scare people who had already been pushed over the limit by starvation rations. On Sunday, reality appeared and the New World Order showed it's gruesome face to the Egyptians. Though considerable damage had been done, Sunday's air show showed the Egyptians the super-structure remained in place; requiring that the many must suffer so that the few can try to install their one world government when they crash the world's reserve currency on their own timetable.

The only loyalty that exists for the globalist traitors and cowards are the ties that bind each other together- the Federal Reserve debt note.

As the grandeur of the paper money wears off (and it already has started to), they will have to rely on their compromised, laws to justify their tyranny. Apparently, according to Obama and other White House officials, Hosni Mubarak will still be able to rule from his "undisclosed location." All the corporate eyes and all the corporate ears, and no one knows where Mubarak is hiding. But it doesn't matter- the New World Order says he is the leader. It doesn't matter in this case, and predictably, it didn't matter when Rahm Emanuel, the son of an Irgun terrorist, wanted to run in absentia for the Mayor of Chicago. All they will have left when the money is no good are the relationships they made in their private tickle rooms. Man's Country- where all the big deals go down (wink, wink).

"Tell America we get to choose the President....not them. We believe America is against us."

The U.S. and their corporate media lapdogs do not want peace. If they did, they would give the people what they want, a chance to chart their own course. The U.S. does not want the opposition leader Ayman Nour to attain power. They would rather install globalist stooge Mohamed El-Baradei (IAEA, Nobel Prize) or Omar Suleiman (Director of Intel., U.S. torture program) as new puppets.

And so, since the oppressors have been slapped in the face and their tyranny splashed out in the open for the world to see, Obama and his puppeteers have decided it seems, to play the waiting game. Trash is piling up, food running out. Maybe the revolution will go home and watch football?

The Egyptians have went for it all and all they must have. To date, the Egyptian people have more heart than any slave group in the New World Order. It should bring a swelling in the chest and a tear to your eye. Or maybe your leash is so comfortable, you can no longer identify with the will to be free or the struggle against authority. Maybe you see that the Egyptians look a little different and speak a different language so they must be stupid. Or maybe you are just a coward.

Whatever the case, against all this adversity, the Egyptians said, "Fuck you and you new world order, we'll see you Tuesday....a million strong."

Game Over, Mubarak.

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