Wednesday, January 12, 2011

China's New Role and Weather Manipulation

"Passivity is fatal to us. Our goal is to make the enemy passive."

-Mao Tse-Tung (Chinese Dictator 1893-1976)

When people talk of the New World Order and all the horrible things it will mean for humanity, it is easy to forget about the myriad of atrocities already committed by the Chinese communist government. Political suppression, limits on reproduction, and all-out murder of the individual in favor of the state has become normal in today's China. Modern China is now the economic leader of the world thanks to Western- Anglo traitors. In fact, since the tyrannical forces in the West have started to systematically weaken the Anglican countries on purpose, China's status as a world power is now a certainty.

This should be worrisome. Though many of the brainwashed flag-waving Americans still discount the insidious conspiracy by some to create a world government, it is happening right in front of them. Though every idiot mainstream economist at every so-called prestigious financial and educational institution believes the Federal Reserve has made good decisions and the economy is getting better, out of the other side of their mouth, they tell a far different story. China is far ahead of us moving up as the U.S. moves down, like speedy adjacent elevators in the tallest, yet now devoid-of-business skyscraper. Even though the refusal to shore up the dollar with sound money and common sense deregulation of entrepreneurship, the Fed and U.S. Government have chosen to strangle the economy on purpose. Want a job? Globalist shill Tom Brokaw believes you can get one in India. Maybe you can even do your laundry in the Ganges for free.

We, at The National Pulse shouldn't make fun of India- at least they are trading in real money. In America, most people do not know what money is and lump gold and silver in with commodities like leather or tobacco. The East is poised to race by the West if they keep making deals like agreements to trade gold for oil and not to use the U.S. dollar for transactions. This has all caught the U.S. public slack-jawed in disbelief as their English speaking globalists have denied troubles with the U.S. Dollar and will be forced next week to seriously consider China leading the way.

"I was reminded that when we lose and I strike out, a billion people in China don't care."

- Reggie Jackson (Baseball Player)

Americans shouldn't be upset or caught off guard as their skies are constantly whitened by planes spewing metals and other garbage in the hopes of blocking the sun and manipulating the weather. China, America's big slant-eyed brother, has been doing it for years. This year they have re-dedicated themselves to spending more on playing God. explains in their article, "Weather modification generally involves cloud-seeding practices whereby various substances are shot into clouds as silver iodides, salts, and dry ice. These substances act as a catalyst for raindrops and trigger downpours, as well as creating haze and clouds."

Oh, that's what it is- Americans were told those were harmless contrails, left from passenger jet planes that take Grandma from Fort Worth to Houston.

"Weapons are an important factor in war, but not the decisive one; it is man and not materials that counts."

-Mao (Chinese Dictator, 1893-1976)

Even though the United Nations banned "geoengineering" (chemtrails), a couple of months ago, the spraying has continued. After all, the Chinese are the new owners of the West and they have killed 60 million people to get the title of #1 government economy. Think they give a fuck what your American ass thinks in the suburbs?

So the crimes against humanity continue. Why else would food be as scarce as it is- because all famines coincidentally are happening at the same time? C'mon. It is because the United Nations' gang families are squeezing the vice until the people of the world knuckle under to their demands. Ban Ki Moon warned the world after the Copenhagen Climate Conference failed miserably and global warming was found to be the hoax it is, that failure to attain a tax on carbon would be "very serious" and "catastrophic."

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