Friday, December 17, 2010

Illegal Wars Funded By Fiat Money

" 1 Come now you rich and weep and howl for the miseries that are coming upon you. 2 Your riches have rotted and your garments are moth eaten. 3 Your gold and silver have corroded and their corrosion will be evidence against you and will eat your flesh like fire."

- Book of James, English Standard Version Bible

Richard Holbrooke, 69, the U.S. Special Envoy to Afghanistan passed away this week after suffering an aortic embolism. Though the corporate media called him a "peacemaker," Holbrooke was a lifetime war-maker for the Rothschild-owned banking cartel determined to control the whole Earth and all the people who live in it.

Holbrooke, before his death, was the point-man for the globalist war machine and starred in a number of illegal military boondoggles throughout his career. He started his career as the editor of the globalist publication Foreign Policy, the mouthpiece of the Council on Foreign Relations. Through the years, Holbrooke was part of the many secret globalist clubs which have been instrumental in the plotting and planning of world domination through the installation of a one-world government. As his influence grew, he became the go-to diplomat to make sure wars started or finished. If they were to finish, it was Holbrooke's job to make sure the Anglo-led forces (NATO) were victorious; or at the very least, American business interests were to be insulated from other sovereign countries' regulations.

Holbrooke's last endeavor in military manipulation was the decade long debacle in Afghanistan. Holbrooke, known as the "Raging Bull" for his tough negotiation style (if you can call making weaker, bombed-into-submission people accept terms of their surrender, negotiation) during and in the aftermath of violent, bloody struggles, was not able to draw Afghanistan to a close. On his deathbed, he allegedly told the surgeon that "the war in Afghanistan needed to end." Funny, he didn't have visions of peace before his aorta exploded. There really are no atheists in foxholes, or surgery tables, apparently. Nor did Holbrooke say how it needed to end. Who should define the winner? The loser?

"The question to be asked- the danger to be recognized- is how inflation, however caused, affects a nation: its government, its people, its officials, and its society. The more materialistic that society, possibly, the more cruelly it hurts. If what happened to the defeated Central Powers in early 1923 is anything to go by, then the process of collapse of the recognized traditional, trusted medium of exchange, the currency by which all values are measured, by which social status is guaranteed, upon which security depends, and in which the fruits of labor are stored, unleashes such greed, violence, unhappiness, and hatred, largely bred from fear, as no society can survive uncrippled and unchanged."

- excerpt from When Money Dies: The Nightmare of the Weimar Collapse by Adam Fergusson (entire Scridb document found at Jesse's Cafe' Americain)

In many ways Holbrooke's exploding heart is a symbolic foreshadowing of the chaos that is set to reign in America. As prognosticators and trends forecasters try to peek around the economic corner and try to make some sense of the purposeful stonewalling by political forces and the Federal Reserve, the cauldron is simmering to a boil which will be one of the sickest brews in memory.

All at once, all the phony sciences, all illegal murders by war aggression, and all ploys to confiscate civil liberties at home are reaching maturity. No matter what government leaders claim, whether it be Bernanke saying inflation is not a worry on 60 Minutes or Admiral Mullen claiming the Afghan War is "on the right track," none of lies will matter much when the dollar achieves its intrinsic value- zero.

Why? Because the cat is out of the bag. The only thing that held it together before was the monetary system and that is falling apart- and quickly. The hoax of authority will fade much quicker than the years it took to establish the status quo. People are realizing that when the privately-owned Federal Reserve lends the Treasury (government) money that doesn't exist at interest, the Fed is in a state of constant theft. They can manipulate the money supply that they control to suit their needs and simultaneously eliminate competition.

Having performed an audit of the U.S. financial system in the summer of 2008, before the crisis, the elite are well aware of the crumbling currency- the reserve currency of the world, the U.S. Dollar. As always, they know you are being cheated. They are ready and hoping for a fight. During this holiday season give yourself the gift that keeps on giving- the gift of knowledge. And, if upon much contemplation, you discover the quest for freedom to be too hard, or the oppressing forces to be too fearsome, be sure and stay out of the way of those striving for humanity's freedom. History proves that compliance with tyrants such as the ones that are in control right now, will not win a favored spot in their bloodthirsty club. Snitching and back-biting will only buy a little more time before the oppressors arrive at your door.

(Cartoon from Chicago Tribune, early 1930's)

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