Thursday, November 11, 2010

Gold and Paper Money

Gold is being discussed widely as U.S. leaders have traveled to Asia. At the G20 meetings in Korea, U.S. and world financial leaders are pleading against the dollar's inevitable demise, attempting to signal to the crediting Asian nations that devalued dollar is a good thing, and misinforming the world's population about basic laws of market economics. Nothing, it seems, is as assured as a currency collapse.

To characterize the G20 meetings in Korea as "pessimistic" is an understatement. The Fed and Obama Administration are having a hard time with the fact that the world (besides the patriotic flag wavers in the U.S.) doesn't believe their bullshit. And that is what it is- a deliberate causing of inequity which will inevitably lead to political and social chaos. China, a major financier of American debt, has in recent weeks, downgraded the U.S. credit rating. The Dagong Global Credit Rating explained its move, "The serious defects in the U.S. economy will lead to long-term recession and fundamentally decrease national solvency." Other countries like Brazil, understand also that pumping money into the system will lead to rampant inflation. Brazilian Finance Minister Guido Mantega said, "The whole world wants the US economy to recover, but it serves no purpose to go throwing money from a helicopter onto the economy because it won't stimulate growth."

What does the rest of the world understand that the sheeple in America can't get through their thick skulls? They understand that merely printing paper and calling it money has historically ended in inflationary disaster for the people who live in the country. Eventually, by excessive printing, the value of the paper turns to zero. Ironically, it was the revolutionary Unites States Constitution which declared that only gold and silver be legal tender in payments of debts (real money). Below is a short video about the intrinsic value of gold and how the inflating of the money supply has affected the value of the dollar over the years.

What is exceptionally frightening about the Britain/US Federal Reserve is their provocations can be extremely destructive. They continue to spit in the faces of their detractors and more or less call them stupid. Obama, unable to fully dodge questioning about the Fed policy of inflating the money supply, quickly and insanely expressed his support by saying, "I will say that the Fed's mandate, which is my mandate, is to grow our economy. And that not just good for the United States, that's good for the world as a whole. The worst thing that could happen to the world economy, not just ours, is if we end up being stuck with no growth or very limited growth."

By "growth" Obama must mean global acceptance of the New World Order police state. Acceptance of a one-world currency and government has also defined Obama's Asian escape. Like his first New World Order speech in Berlin a few years ago, Obama saves his "globalizing shit-talk" for when he is out of the country and surrounded by planes and warships.

Both the economic and military posturing of the criminal cabal in Washington is especially troubling because it definitely appears as if they are picking a fight. This has historically been a way out for the elite classes who are never actually ousted from power but merely shift the attention of the people to another boogieman. Even though it is common knowledge that the US was led to war on lies and is losing miserably in a two-front, never ending war on terror, prominent press corps members and officials are clamoring for more war to jumpstart the economy. Never mind sound economic principles- that would mean the psychopaths lose power.

Besides, the myth of American military prowess is rapidly declining. The Iraq and Afghanistan quagmires have placed a heavy toll on American soldiers. It is a fact that today more soldiers commit suicide than have been killed in both theaters combined. It is with this backdrop that American officials continue to sabre-rattle; goading pissed off nations to try their luck at attacking the US. After all, for the elite in control of monetary policy, any amount of bloodshed is better than usurpation from their power.

The most frustrating part about the whole situation is that the elite understand what they are doing because they have done this very thing before. This is what happens when economies are collapsed. People get angry and lash out.

Today is the day (11-11-10), Nostradamus predicted would be the beginning of World War III.

Recent events have highlighted some truth to his prediction:

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