Thursday, August 19, 2010

Confusion= Domination

"The greatest cunning is to have none at all."

Carl Sandburg

(Editor's note: The National Pulse has not produced as many articles as it would have liked in recent months. This, however, does not mean significant world events have not happened. To the contrary, events have accelerated dramatically, and the lies surrounding these events have increased in number and boldness. Now, more than ever, is the time for each reader to wake up another sleep walker in the Illuminati's dreamworld. As for The National Pulse, we will continue to hold the top spot on Google searches and lead the way in the heralding of freedom for all mankind.)

As the economy degenerates into its prescribed destiny of failure, the world's chaos is increasing exponentially. Outside of the Internet, the mainstream media, educational system, and government officials are determined to keep the world insulated from the necessary knowledge crucial to real reform. As the public wanders in ignorance, unaware of their ugly fate, wedge issues, and sideshows captivate attention and distract people from the severity of the real problem.

Examples of crucial and purposefully omitted points of contention affecting Americans are too numerous to name. The National Pulse has led the way pointing out the unwillingness of the media to investigate the truth and for the public to understand it. Nevertheless, the tracks are laid out and the train is running straight toward totalitarianism.

It is upon this ignorance the satanic elite will build their New World Order. Always avoiding any root cause analysis, the puppet masters will instruct their minions in the media and politics to argue about adjacent topics. Usually, for the rulers, any topic is better than changing the actual cause of the problem which could result in their loss of control.

Their hand has been tipped and though they are holding some large cards, will face certain defeat if people are able to open their eyes and examine their own hand. In the 21st century, wars have become exhausting, racial barriers have broke down, and most people want peace. Modern man is becoming increasingly difficult to manipulate against each other in order to subjugate all. Race was a hot button in the late 20th century. However, the force-fed "diversity" and "tolerance" education and fiat money system have erased most of those boundaries and today more and more people are understanding that people from other races are not the source of their pain.

As more and more people have awakened to the real source of their pain, the controlling powers have expanded into almost every aspect of human life.

In large part, the defeat of the New World Order will be won not in the grocery stores, but in the fields and in the stomachs of the young.

Stay tuned.

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