Thursday, May 6, 2010

Obama, Jarrett, Rezko- Network of Government Thievery

"You can only protect you liberties in this world by protecting another man's freedom. You can only be free if I am free."

-Clarence Darrow

The National Pulse was born on a day when the floppy-haired Democratic governor of Illinois was arrested in his underwear at six in the morning. Our very own senior reporter, then just a snot-nosed rookie, pounced all over Blago's arrest as a front to cover up the Bank of America's imminent implosion. Since his arrest, Blagojevich has maintained his innocence. He has stayed in the limelight, despite a vast smear campaign from the mainstream media which also included his wife, Patti. Thanks to newspapers, talk radio, and an ignorant populace, public opinion has been largely against the ex-Governor for months, due to their ignorance of monetary policy and the criminal cabal's intent on enslaving the world with totalitarian rule.

As we reported previously, Blagojevich was arrested on December 9, 2008 at 6 a.m., by federal authorities. One day prior to his arrest, Blagojevich spoke at the Republic Window and Door Company in Chicago. Due to the financial meltdown, the company was forced to downsize drastically. The people they laid off were refused severance and vacation pay because the Bank of America had cut the company's line of credit. Blagojevich stood in front of the Republic Window and Door Company in a black turtleneck and black leather jacket and vowed the state of Illinois would suspend business operations with the Bank of America until these laid-off employees were properly paid out. Watch the clip here.

After the announcement, shockwaves were sent throughout the Federal Reserve. This was indeed a dangerous, dangerous precedent that could not be tolerated. A Governor suspending billions of dollars of work to save the people of his state? The verbal challenge issued to owners of the Fed was heard loud and clear. A move like the one Blagojevich made probably would have crashed the economy for good then and there. Behind the curtains, higher-ups and fat cats made the call to attack dog Patrick Fitzgerald. Since he had no real proof, Fitzgerald went about criticizing Blagojevich personally and acting appalled at what was on the tapes the authorities would not let anyone hear. Acting as judge and jury, Fitzgerald started the smearing at the press conference. Watch Fitzgerald tell reporters that Blagojevich's conduct would "make Lincoln roll over in his grave."

Then gutless coward after coward took to the podium demanding that an elected official resign before being proven guilty. Here is the top law enforcement official of Illinois and the Speaker of the House's daughter, Lisa Madigan, calling for his removal. Here is Senator Dick Durbin saying he should resign. Here is the incredible rat-fink himself, the man who replaced Blagojevich as Governor, Pat Quinn, telling the press Blagojevich should resign. Interestingly enough, even President-elect Barack Obama, or Barry Soetoro, also claimed that a man elected by the people of Illinois should step down for doing nothing wrong.

The cacophony of voices convicting Blagojevich was deafening. The mainstream media had a field day ripping Illinois politics and Blagojevich's hair. Despite all the considerable pressure put on Blagojevich and his family, the ex-Governor refused to go away quietly. He vowed to fight. People are too stupid to realize that his fight is our fight. Whether or not his politics are right or wrong is not the issue- the issue is that a Governor took on the Federal reserve and was destroyed. What would happen to little old you?

In the months that followed, the saga of the Blagojevich arrest twisted and turned. In September of 2009, a key aide, Christopher Kelly died mysteriously. Authorities called it a suicide. A couple of months later, Blagojevich attorneys' computers were stolen. As the plot continued to thicken, We Are Change caught up with Blagojevich at a book signing at Columbia College in December of 2009 (watch the candid clip here).

As 2009 rolled into 2010, Blagojevich became bolder and bolder, telling the media that the tapes, when played, will prove his innocence. And then yesterday, documents that were made public by Blagojevich lawyers, proved that not only did Obama meet with Blagojevich, he also discussed favorable legislation in exchange for campaign contributions with convicted fraudster Tony Rezko. The secret papers, ordered by a judge to be redacted, were discovered by a blogger who simply cut and pasted the redacted sections into a text document and read the juicy details contradicting Obama 's angelic statements from before. That kind of stuff is way too complicated for the low-level automatons at any of the mainstream media publications. They are still working on their expose' article on Obama's pooch, Bo or wondering what sleeveless shirt Obama's beard, Michelle, will wear next.

Obama would look comfortable in an orange jumpsuit. During the media onslaught of Blagojevich, Obama categorically denied having had any contact with Blagojevich. His denial comes toward the very end of a meeting with climate change fraudster Al Gore. He also denied meeting with Tony Rezko. These redactions, or not-so-fully redacted sections, prove otherwise.

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in a inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly."

-Martin Luther King, Jr.

It turns out Obama also lobbied to have his slumlord friend, Valerie Jarrett, appointed Senator from Illinois. Jarrett is the daughter of a Chicago's Housing Authority (CHA) official. Valerie grew up in Richie Daley's Chicago were corruption and graft is the way business is done. Some lie and get away and some go to jail- like Rezko. Jarrett and Rezko were thick as thieves as they were paid government money to pour back into "disadvantaged" neighborhoods. It is hard to say, though, where the money went, because it sure did not go back into the dilapidated tenements. In 1995, Jarrett left as Head of Planning of the City of Chicago. In the private sector, Jarrett, as the chicago housing Authority (CHA) snapped up the ghetto-ized land of Chicago's West Side, Habitat was chosen (surprisingly) to have a piece of the generous million dollar contracts.

Fast forward to 2004 and city inspectors found 1800 violations in tenements where Habitat Co. had been paid to do work to maintain the living spaces. The city was begging the federal authorities to step in because the units were so filthy and dilapidated, they were almost uninhabitable. Even though some tenants were unable to have clean water or heat, Jarrett was still able to contribute money through Habitat Co. to Obama and $4,600 to Jan Schakowsky's campaign. The Olympics, which turned out to be a black eye for Obama and Chicago, was Jarrett's moment to shine with her criminal skills. Before Chicago even got the Olympics, Jarrett was involved in shady deals, carving up Chicago's lakefront, making ready to steal a whole bunch more money from unproductive construction jobs. Jarrett was poised to head an office specifically for the Olympics, but it was not to be. Chicago did not get the Olympics and Jarrett and Obama didn't get to steal- this time.

The truth is the federal government is full of liars, thieves, and cowards. Everything they do, whether it be promote more war, try to scare people with false flag attacks, or protect the Fed is based on fooling the public while they steal money or power. The truth will come out. The question will be: Will the people be able to weigh the facts and construct an original thought despite the mainstream media lies? It remains to be seen.

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