Monday, March 29, 2010

What We Know and Think We Know

"If I become President, I will make every make every piece of information this country has about UFOs available to the public and scientists. I am convinced UFOs exist because I have seen one."

-Jimmy Carter during his Presidential campaign

What we do not know, or rather, what has been kept from us needs to be brought out into the open and examined. Time is of the essence as the ruling powers are keen to start another war to further consolidate their evil grip on all of humanity. It is clear, as events accelerate, that no authority figure has the ability or the compassion to make the right decision. Prior to the health care vote, each member of Congress knew that very few Americans were for the government takeover of health care. Yet the congress went and voted against the will of the people. These leaders, some elected by the people to serve the people, are clearly not beholden to the people. Nor are they frightened of the reaction their disobedience might elicit from the people. Clearly, there are unseen forces pushing a totalitarian agenda forward, even as more and more damning evidence emerges daily that blows holes in the theories supporting the tyrannical measures.

This Monday of Holy Week in the first century, Jesus would have been teaching in the Temple. This week commemorates Jesus teaching of God's Love and breaking down the boundaries between men- their false authority over each other. Jesus wanted freedom for everyone and this especially frightened those who enjoyed special privileges at the expense of others.

Yesterday's piece touched on how little has changed since those days when Jesus was arrested, tried, convicted, and crucified. The National Pulse imagines many truth seekers around the world have been perplexed at the depth of this nefarious conspiracy to enslave human kind through the use of rank, royalty, and secrecy. After much study and determined scrutiny over which groups answer to who and who is most culpable (i.e., Bilderberg, Club of Rome, The Pilgrim Society, Council on Foreign Relations, etc.) for evil being perpetrated, any truth seeker will hit a wall where all groups tend to plateau out in terms of their power. Eventually it becomes obvious that some other forces or beings are driving their earthly minions to the task.

More than ever, it is evident that the Earth is being assaulted on purpose. Even though global warming, or climate change was proven to be a fraud engineered by scientists on the take to provide the phony basis for world governance, destructive work is still being carried out. Though the skies are whitened daily, blocking the sun, by jets high in the stratosphere, officials and the mainstream media refuse to cover the fact that the Earth is being severely damaged by lack of sunlight. Geoengineering, as it is now called, is the deliberate manipulation of the Earth's atmosphere to cool the Earth. Geoengineering relies on the premise that the Earth is too hot (this was debunked by Climategate) and is a term for a variety of outrageous Earth-tampering. For more, click here. It is no coincidence honey bees are also struggling again this year. Add this up: the science is phony; authorities are blocking the sun anyway; honey bees (the major source for plant pollination) are dying.

Currently, all the institutions supposedly aimed at the betterment of mankind are staunchly working against that very cause. The Vatican is full of homosexual pedophiles predators that will never be prosecuted and pay no tax. Even as Pope Benedict was in charge of handling the abuse case of a stone-cold predator, on which Benedict did nothing, Archbishop Timothy Dolan defended the Pontiff and even compared him to Jesus. Besides enjoying favored status with all politcial governments, The Vatican holds thousands of years' experience of suppression of original thought. Why then are they now just starting to contemplate alien life? For more on information suppression by the Roman Catholic hierarchy, click here.

For years, U.S. Administrations have confirmed the existence of extra terrestrials and yet refuse to disclose the information. Here is former Clinton White House Chief of Staff, John Podesta speaking out about the need for alien disclosure. The fourth man on the moon, Astronaut Edgar D. Mitchell has long urged people to recognize that the human race is not alone in the universe. Mitchell has told audiences that in certain military and intelligence circles, the existence of alien life forms (ALFs) is a well-known fact.

"It is true I was denied access to a facility at Wright patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio because I never got in. I can't tell you what was inside. We both know about the rumors (concerning a captured UFO and crew members). I have never seen what I would call a UFO, but I have intelligent friends who have."

- U.S. Senator, U.S. Air Force General, and candidate for president Barry Goldwater, in a letter dated April 11,1979.

William Cooper and his testimony provides the best scenario (if true) in explaining today's world situation and the inexplicable path being taken by our leaders toward a destructive slave state. Cooper describes a situation where there are different groups of aliens; one group is a benevolent, kind alien race, and the other is an evil race determined to enslave the entire planet. Mr. Cooper, unfortunately for us, was gunned down by law enforcement in front of his house shortly after the 911 attacks.

Aliens may exist or they may not. The point is this: our elected leaders do not deserve the right to be privy to information while the rest of humanity lives in darkness. The biggest security threat is them. They have already proven they cannot protect anybody. They can only oppress and become more oppressive. The National Pulse urges its readership to open their minds and to not be surprised by anything. The suppression of information has clearly been significant. The powers in control wouldn't be so anxious to control the economy, foment wars, and infringe on civil liberties. Could it be the bad E.T. and their human minions are facing expulsion by the benevolent? Could this be why the rush is on to politically enslave the world with one government?

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