Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Training, Bribing For More War

Americans have got to stop hitting the snooze button on their alarm clock, get up, and demand a drastic change in foreign policy. Afghanistan has been lost a long time ago, yet U.S. Marines are planning a "surge" into Helmand province. No doubt they will do this alone as the trained Afghan forces have turned out to be unsatisfactory. They have trouble even doing jumping jacks. This may be a cultural thing. The National Pulse can't help but note that Afghans are really bad at the timing of jumping jacks.

As it turns out, despite reassurances from big dog military yes-men, the Afghan police force have much to be desired. They are not only terrible at jumping jacks but also police work. they have been regularly infiltrated by the Taliban who pay more money, anyway. This hasn't stopped the half-retarded U.S. military officials from doubling down on a bad idea. No way. To do that would be to admit failure. Instead, training has been privatized and General McChrystal announced an almost doubling of the Afghan police force from 84,000 to 160,000 police.

If you think that is stupid, the U.S. Military is always trying to one-up itself. Their plan is to pay the Taliban (who already pay more money to their soldiers) to try to split them, which would, in theory, weaken them, and then we could defeat them. NATO has proposed spending $500 million in the hopes that the Taliban will be so enamored with the Fed's failing currency that they leave their goat and tent and buy a condo in the ritzy section of Kabul. Good plan....if the tribal leaders aspired to be like Paris Hilton. In this case, The National Pulse bets they are still pissed about the whole invasion and occupation of their native land.

To a sane person, that recipe looks as though it probably will result in more violence. It won't stabilize anything but the Taliban's increasingly victorious war machine. The clusterfuck of two illegal wars in the last decade has done monumental damage to the United States. At this point, more U.S. soldiers have committed suicide than have died in action in either wars of Iraq and Afghanistan. The hijackers of our country have used the fervor of young, innocent patriots to self-wreck the entire country. Meanwhile, Congress and the media focus on whether to out fags in basic training. The whole thing is so bizarre and absurd, The National Pulse can only wonder when people will wake up, look at the facts, and realize the treachery done to them.

Until then we can only look into the future and hope that sensible people will heed the call of logic, compassion, and true patriotism. Until then we can only wonder, "What if.."

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