Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Destroying America

No matter how improbable it looks, Obama keeps trudging forward with his tyrannical plan to cede the sovereignty of the United States. Even though most of the people that elected him have now deserted , or begged for a time out, he continues to talk down to Americans and placate the most stupid with lofty words that mean nothing. Nothing is fazing this man because the evil that assassinates is sponsoring him. He is not a populist; in fact he is far from it. He is a dyed-in-the-wool globalist usurper bent on destroying the fabric of this country in favor of a tyrannical world government.

Obama is hurriedly planning on attending the United Nations climate conference in Copenhagen this December. After all, he is the Chairman of the U.N Security Council- a direct violation to the Constitution. Obama's announcement comes just days after the leaking of a whole bunch of data linking the climate "clique" to manipulation of the data. It turns out that the whole climate crisis has been one big hoax. Who would have thought that what Bernie Madoff told his son when he was apprehended would ring so true? Madoff told his son, "It was one big lie."

So, as the dollar continues to lose value and Obama offers no real solution, the press fawningly talks about the most ridiculous shit they can. What big-ass Michelle wore one day, what Obama likes to eat, they will talk about anything but what is happening to America because they are part of it and guilty. Ask Lou Dobbs.

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