Friday, October 9, 2009

The Interventionist-in-Chief

Hip, hip, Hooray! Hip, hip, Hooray! Barack Obama, currently the Commander-in-Chief of a country, embroiled in not one, but two large scale wars, just received the Nobel Prize for peace! In perfect Orwellian fashion, where war is peace, the leader of the world's foremost aggressor nation was awarded an award that is supposed to represent peace. What a farce. The New World Order globalists are really stretching the bounds now. The absurdity of this designation for Obama should show the kind of "peace" intended by proponents of a one world government. This a desperate attempt to revive his cult of personality. His magnetism has been lost completely, however, with a failing dollar, the miserable failure of the health care reform legislation, and the Olympic bitch slap. No matter what the people at Nobel say, this President is the same kind of war monger that has characterized American Presidents for almost a full century.

The award Obama should be chosen for is the All-Interventionist Team. Obama's condescending attitude knows no boundaries. He believes he can dupe and mislead people, and intervene with government agencies to solve every problem. This technique actually makes everything worse. To stave off the dollar from failing completely, Ben Bernanke (also on the All-Interventionist Team) announced a plan this week to raise interest rates. In the short term, this announcement stops inflation. This also, however, will cause the economy to crash and unemployment to rise dramatically. The Fed is in a "box" as former Ron Paul economic advisor, Peter Schiff recently explained. Whatever decision the Fed decides to make will be a bad one. Yet, the same people who believe the Fed can save the day are the ones who believe Barack Obama is a good choice for a peace award.

Every decision the Administration makes the situation decidedly worse and in doing this, they have eroded any semblance of order thoroughly away. In Detroit recently, a riot started because people heard that stimulus money was going to be given out. About 50,000 people showed up to access 5,000 applications. In Chicago, right before the Olympic bid was announced, a 16 year-old boy was bludgeoned to death after school. The Obama Administration quickly sent advisers to arbitrarily dole out $500,000 to Fenger High School.

Though what happened to Derrion Albert was truly tragic, Attorney General Eric Holder went to Chicago to further his agenda of seizing America's firearms. Officials are calling this a "wake up call" to awake to "violence." Their intentions are to try to equate this violence with firearms. The Obama Administration refuses to see that poor monetary policy is the main cause of social inequalities all over the nation. To pick and choose who to give money to and from whom to take the guns only compounds the problem of social inequality.

They also fail to see how transparent are their motives. They are continuing with the New World Order worn-out agenda. It is all they can do, at this point. At every turn, they are getting rejected, the dollar is getting slaughtered, and they are losing credibility. Obama may be the first sitting U.S. President to be a lame duck in his first year of his first term. So, The National Pulse has this bit of advice for the embattled President: Give up now. Surrender as the front man for the international banking cartel that has lost. Cooperate with Ron Paul and audit the Federal Reserve and allow the appropriate actions to take place.

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