Wednesday, September 23, 2009

F.or D.a I.nternational. C.onspirators

Yesterday a big story broke. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation announced that they plan to take out loans from the bailed-out banks. The Corporation of America is not only broke, but they plan to recapture the money they owe from the American people. This can be confusing so The National Pulse is going to spend some time working out these facts and at the same time put to bed all of the myths kept alive by the mainstream media.

Back in September of 2008, one year ago, when all the major corporations were about to fail, Americans were wondering about their personal finances, also. The bailout was sold to the American people, albeit reluctantly, under the false assumption that each American's own personal savings account up to $100,000 would be protected by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Here is a CNN article from last year talking about this fact- the FDIC would provide the security so that Americans would not freak out and run on every bank.

If you were wondering why the Administration is pushing so hard for health care and environmental bills as the economy is plunging, look no farther than this story. If before you were a little confused and thought it to be true- that government intervention was absolutely needed to protect against "collapse"- those myths are to be forgotten.

When a person takes out a loan, he/ she has to provide details to the lender of how he/she plans to pay back that loan. Collateral is offered up as a promise of good faith and "ability to pay." This turn of events with the FDIC completes the theft of money by the banks and leaves the amount open-ended. Now, the banks, who used the government to survive, are going to lend back the money, to the FDIC- originally the backstop to individual Americans' financial security. It is important to remember this lie because Americans would have never acquiesced to the bailout had they known the money was already gone. There would have been widespread panic and a mad rush to withdraw funds, likely with blood in the streets.

Yesterday, the FDIC announces that they need a bailout. Then, a sale of 2-year Treasury notes takes place in the stock market. And the sale is successful! America is in the worst depression since the 1930's and 2-year notes are selling. Most every economist, even the sycophantic Fed-bought economists, agree that a recovery in the next two years will be extremely slow, if one happens at all. Well, who's buying? The Fed, of course! The purchase of the treasuries are a bond with the government. The Fed purchasing the notes is a show of confidence in the ability of the political, governmental force to extract the wealth from the people. This is fascism.

So, in effect, what is left is the classic Rothschild model. The king gets in debt trouble with the private financier (Rothschild). The private financier asks how that money will be repaid. The king replies, "Well, I will extort it from my subjects in the form of tribute,... taxes." Sometimes in the past, the debt was too large to wait for the taxes to roll in. This is when the king was forced to spend his subjects as "human capital." Wars are started to generate false growth and profits all designed to fatten the pocket of the financier who is kept out of the light, using his king as a puppet to extract his riches.

The international cartel led by Obama is monstrously in debt to foreign powers who now are waking up to the fact that they have invested in a soon-to-be defunct dollar. The cartel has put all in for the New World Order right now. The health care plan, the climate change bill are all deigned to bring in taxes to foot the bill. These plans will be so intrusive that they will be able to tax each human being's very existence. This is the all out slavery of the New World Order. Humans paying to live. They want everybody to be chipped and tracked so dissention to their authority will be detected and eliminated.

The threat is real and right now, and America, as beat up as she is, is the only one that can defeat the New World Order. Most people, although they do not know their actual status as a free being, believe they are free. This is more that can be said for the citizens of other countries around the world. This is why the globalists saved this country for last.

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