Friday, March 20, 2009

Obama: The Fruit of Tyranny

The Obama's announced their plans to have a garden on the south lawn of the White House. The White House will use the produce almost exclusively to feed themselves. Michelle Obama will foreman the project (no word yet if she will get her hands dirty) with members of the White House cook staff and others performing the day-to-day tending. A White 
House carpenter will even have a couple of beehives making honey. Michelle Obama has been adamant about making the garden "organic." She will, then, educate children about the need for healthy food.

The White House's insistence on "organic" food makes one wonder what is in the other stuff. Why the discrepancy? Wouldn't Obama rather use one of the big seed companies who gave so much to his campaign? They routinely have genetically modified their product and distributed through the huge corporate chain of trade to the American public. 
McDonald's and Burger King, mega-restaurants located in nearly every town, have never pledged to go organic. Yet, as many Americans also choose, the Obama family wants the best food for their family.

This news breaks as the Congress has presented a bill to essentially outlaw organic farming. House resolution 875would "criminalize and industrialize agriculture."

Considering all Obama's deceptions about war and the economy, this is a scary turn of events. The New World Order is eager to illustrate in bold terms that they will have what they want and WILL NOT. Through unfair monetary policy and corporatism and, now, legislation they will make sure you live in substandard conditions. Or, at the very least, if you choose to live a certain way they will tax you. The elite will be able to skirt taxes.

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