Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Get Ready to Say, "Not so fast!!!"

Some people believe completely in the altruism of the of the current rulers of the world.

Some other people think there isn't anyone in charge of the world.

One look at the rigid economy should clue a person in to the reality of the situation. The system isn't working and yet prices aren't adjusting to let the good money come in and buy the indebted assets. With trillions of taxpayer bailout money, banks are still refusing to lend. Leaders and diplomats around the world have not been shy about their desire for a new-world-order-sponsored global currency. Nevertheless, those who sound the alarm are marginalized in the mainstream media as conspiracy theorists. The theory is no longer a conspiracy. As James Warburg told the Senate in 1950, "We shall have world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether it will be achieved by conquest or consent."

Diplomats are frantically and absurdly scurrying the globe continuing the agenda. Hillary Clinton is in Palestine this week. She met with the loser of the Israeli election, Benjajmin Natanyahu. Because she supports a two-state solution, Clinton also met with some Palestinians. However, even though Hamas is the rightful democratically elected government in Gaza, Clinton did not meet with them. This is odd because the Israeli, Netanyahu, has radical views. Netanyahu does not support the two-state solution as is the official stance of the U.S. State Department. Netanyahu wants war with Iran and the United States to lead the way.

Across the ocean in Washington, Obama will meet with Great Britain's Gordon Brown. Brown has been especially vocal about his desire for a one-world currency. Since the dollar is the current reserve currency, Brown has also been hopeful the U.S. and Obama will lead the charge. Obama has already in his first 40 days, met with neighboring Canada to renew their "special relationship and partnership." Defense Secretary Robert Gates has agreed to help Mexico with troops to fight the drug war at the border even as the U.S. is engaged in two wars in the Middle East. These actions may seem minor, but the more gray area around the sovereignty of the United States will be detrimental when the dollar is inflationary and no longer viable.

Already Obama has visited Canada and used the vague language of trade agreements. Talk of "special relationships" and "unique partnerships" led to NAFTA. "Free trade," as these elite socialists define it, is catastrophic to individual economic liberty.

Look for clues of their ploy when both leaders meet the press. They cannot afford to be shy anymore.

In November, Bernanke denied a move toward a global currency. Ron Paul knows this is not the truth.

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